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The College Helper: Home for the Holidays

posted Dec 17, 2010, 3:28 PM by Glenda Durano
After one semester, Mom and Dad can't wait for their child to come home for Christmas break.  But parents, know this:  things have changed!  You student has now officially been on his own for nearly 4 months.  Make sure that you are both clear about expectations.  Is there a curfew while your student is at home?  Is your student expected to clean his room or help with household chores?  Make sure your student knows your expectations and make sure you know what your student expects. Communicate clearly and find a place to compromise, if need be.  The child who was a high schooler 4 months ago is now a young adult.  Listen to your student.  Don't lecture. (They get enough of that in school.)  There may be some bumps as your student adjusts to being home, but always act in love, with mutual respect.  Students, Ephesians 6 still holds true.  No matter how old or "mature" you are, you are still supposed to honor your parents.  Coordinate everybody's plans and intentionally schedule family one-on-one time.  Students, it may be difficult to come back and see old friends who are going to other schools or who are younger than you are.  You've been out of their life for a while, and things may be different.  Nevertheless, treasure the special path that God has for you, enjoy your vacation, and remember "there's no place like home for the holidays!"