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The College Helper: Transcription Trouble

posted Dec 6, 2010, 10:29 PM by Glenda Durano

Every spring, it happens.  Out of nowhere, a high school senior (who is not a client) calls me in a panic. "My high school counselor just called me and told me I'm lacking 2 credit hours to graduate!  What can I do?!"  I offer my suggestions and usually the student is able to graduate on time either by taking a quick, self-paced online course or a shortened community college class. While this does get the student back on track, the stress is enormous.  Remember the old saying, "An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure." This is true with transcripts, too. Before Christmas break, talk to your high school counselor about your credit hours. See if you are on track for graduation (and college admission). The problem of too few credit hours often arises when, sometime during high school, a student retakes a class in order to raise a grade.  Usually, the credit hours for the course retake are not counted, leaving the student one course shy of graduation requirements.  If you need to take additional hours in your final semester in order to get that diploma, do so. While you're meeting with your high school counselor, take the time to thank him for all his help and remind him politely to send your mid-year report to your college choices. Give him a list of the names and addresses of those universities.  High school counselors are greatly overworked.  The average counselor/student ratio is 1 to 477...and they're not simply taking care of transcripts.  Counselors have to deal with a number of student issues every day.  So...take responsibility for your future by checking on your transcript.  Make sure you're on schedule for that great gradutation day in May.