You may be wondering whether or not a scripturally-based methodology for the college application process actually works.  The answer is a resounding "yes!"  Matthew 6:33 confirms: “But seek first His kingdom and His righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well.”  When you take care of the process, making it your goal to please the Lord  (Colossians 1:10) by doing everything with excellence (2 Corinthians 8:7),  God will take care of the result.  This does not mean that you will win every scholarship for which you apply, and you may not even be accepted to your top college choice.  What it does mean, however, is that God will guide your path by opening and closing doors as He sees fit, and He will grant you wisdom and favor in your life.

Here's what people are saying about College Advising and Planning Services:

                                                                                                  Glenda’s uplifting, positive style works wonderfully with both our kids and their different learning styles. Glenda was instrumental in helping our daughter raise her SAT score by nearly 100 points so that she qualified as a National Merit Finalist and received a full scholarship to her first college choice.  I only wish we’d started using Glenda’s services earlier.”   M.C.




"College Advising and Planning Services gave me the practical advice, schedules and techniques that allowed me to get applications into schools far ahead of the crowd.  No detail was neglected, and I felt that I was able to confidently present myself to admissions officers.  Furthermore, I was encouraged by her references to the Scripture that kept the focus on my Creator and not on me.  By simply following Mrs. Durano’s curriculum (The Christian’s Guide to College Admissions), I was able to approach the college application process without trepidation and am now enrolled at one of America’s top colleges.”  K.T.     

"Students who work with you will make better, more informed choices."  S.A.

"You're an awesome source of knowledge and resources."  J.F.

"I thank God for you!  You are such a blessing--right on target!"  J.L.

"Your knowledge and professional sharing in your excellent presentation were extremely helpful as my wife and I begin planning college support for our 15-year-old rising sophomore."  T.J.

Consider these examples: 

Christina participated in outside college scholarship competitions from the time she was eleven years old.
  An excellent student, she regularly participated in community service activities.  By the time she applied for college, she had accumulated over $15,000 of outside scholarships.  Christina was offered several attractive scholarships including a full-ride at a state university and a half-scholarship at a private school.  She decided to attend the private university.  Throughout college, she continued applying for special scholarships, garnering another $10,000.  She graduated college debt-free and was given the single top award for 
                         a graduating senior.  She is now studying overseas on a Fulbright 

When Amberle was in 9th grade, she entered a competition and wrote a 250-word essay entitled “What My Vote Means to Me.”  She won $20,000 for that one piece of writing.  She continued to participate in numerous speech and essay contests, winning thousands more.  She was accepted to the #1 undergraduate school for her major and offered several major university scholarships, including a full scholarship at a small, prestigious college.  She now attends that university where she participates in the honors nursing program as well as numerous other activities. Amberle says, "I would have stopped believing in my dream if it weren't for you!"

 knew where she wanted to attend college.  Although she was a good student, her test scores were only average for that university.  Nevertheless, due to her outstanding service work and the active pursuit of her passions throughout high school, she was granted an impressive scholarship and invited to join a hand-picked group of students whom the university considered to be future leaders.

Success stories like these aren’t just the result of hard work.  They are the product of God’s favor  and  the opportunities He provides.  When we take care of the process, God takes care of the result.