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College Planning and Preparation Package (Freshman and/or Sophomores)       

A series of one-on-one discussions that will lead the student in designing a college preparatory curriculum, exploring majors and careers, planning and developing passion-driven activities, navigating scholarship searches, building a résumé, and considering college criteria  Personality, spiritual gifts, and interest assessments are recommended and included.

College Criteria Package (late Sophomores, Juniors, or early Seniors)                       

Three, one-on-one, rapid-succession meetings to get students on the right track in college planning. Package includes a review of and recommendations for the student's academics, activities, and accomplishments, the use of various assessments to make the most out of college planning, and the discovery and demonstration of college search techniques.  These tools will enable the student to more successfully target his calling, find universities with programs that facilitate his passions, and position himself for merit-based financial aid. Students will also receive a copy of The Christian's Guide to College Admissions (junior edition/pending publication), a week-by-week, what-to-do-when guide for college-bound Christians.

College Quest Package (Juniors or early Seniors)                                                     

Personalized, six-meeting package resulting in the preparation of a selected list of colleges that is uniquely suited to the student.  Package includes a review of academic accomplishments and advice on course selections; recommendations for extracurricular involvement, scholarship competitions, and leadership development; a discussion of standardized test tips and tactics; an in-depth interview regarding college preferences of both the student and the parent; career planning and refinement of university factors facilitated by five recommended assessments and interpretations; advice on making successful college visits; practicing mock interviews; preparation of of a customized list of potential universities for the student; and a demonstration of college search techniques that will allow the student to further explore prospective schools.  The Christian's Guide to College Admissions (senior edition/pending publication), a week-by-week, what-to-do-when guide with both practical and spiritual applications, is included.   

Comprehensive College Package (Juniors or early Seniors)                                    

Includes all services in the College Quest package PLUS a customized action plan with junior and senior year organizational timelines, four additional meetings focusing on application assistance including requesting letters of recommendations, submitting transcripts and test scores, using the common application, essay brainstorming, creating an activities résumé, and searching for scholarships.  Package includes proofing and editing two essays (up to 500 words each) or one essay and three short answers, as well as a review of up to 5 applications and résumés.  All students receive The Comprehensive College Handbook as well as assistance in evaluating final institutional offers and transitional planning. 

Introductory Overview (1 hour)  ($25 applied to first package [not workshop])                                                                                               

Gain practical knowledge and tangible tips as we discuss a college planning overview.  Discover what you and your student need to do to get on the right track. 

Supplementary Consultation (per hour)                                                                       

Student-initiated consultation of specific concerns.  

Introductory Assessments and Interpretation                                                        

Personality, spiritual gifts, learning style, and interests assessment (online fee-additional $15) plus meeting with interpretive overview and advice regarding how the student's profile should impact his college search.

Essay Editing (up to 500 words)                                                                                                                                                                     

Content clarity, thought development, sentence structure, word choice, and punctuation will be evaluated to determine if the student is communicating effectively. 

Three-hour Service Block                                                                                              

Client's choice of interview preparation, scholarship search, application evaluation (not editing), essay brainstorming, résumé building, test strategies, or test preparation (critical reading/language arts only). 

Countdown to College (Rising Juniors or Seniors)                                                          

Five-hour, hands-on, small-group workshop teaches the essential elements of college preparation.  The workshop includes information on developing college criteria, executing a successful college search, discovering need-based and merit-based financial aid strategies, planning and preparing for standardized testing, making the most out of your college visits, creating a college application timeline and keeping accurate records, and having a successful college application process--from essay writing to effective interviews and everything in between!  A Handbook to College Admissions is included to keep students on the right track.