Upcoming Deadlines and Events

ARE YOU ON TARGET?  Here are some important deadlines for the months of
If you are a freshman or younger:
  • If you're unsure of your direction, start the self-discovery process with some basic personality and interest assessments (available from several organizations including College Advising and Planning).

  • Establish a fast web.com account if you don't have one. This is a search engine for scholarships.  You should check it regularly.

  • Start developing a résumé based on your activities and accomplishments.

If you are a rising high school sophomore:
  • Participate regularly in passion-driven community service and organizations.  Create your own opportunities both in and out of school. Use the summer to explore your passions.
  • Take personality, interest, and learning style assessments if you haven't already.  These are available through College Advising and Planning.
  • Check your fastweb.com account.  Spend time on scholarship entries. 
  • Developing college criteria then begin your college search.  Remember, it's not just about finding  a great school.  It's about finding a great fit! College Advising and Planning can help!
  • If you haven't done so already, develop a résumé based on your activities and accomplishments.
If you are a rising high school junior:
  • Have a productive, meaningful summer. Participate in ongoing activities that demonstrate your passion!
  • If you have not already developed a broad list of schools, do so.  Start exploring those schools on the web. Eventually, you'll want to visit schools throughout the year.  If you need help doing this, contact College Advising and Planning.  Creating a customized college list is one of our specialties!
  • Demonstrate leadership and depth of commitment in several activities.
  • Continue to check your fastweb.com account.  Spend time on scholarship entries. 
  • Make sure your résumé is up to date. 
  • Determine whether or not you would do better on the ACT or SAT with a diagnostic.  If you need help, contact College Advising and Planning.
  • If you need help deciding on possible majors or careers (an important part of the college search), contact College Advising and Planning.
If you are a rising high school senior:
  • You should be narrowing down your list of colleges and planning your application schedule.  If you haven't visited all your schools, make sure to do so this summer. Cast a WIDE NET in your college applications.  You never know what will happen unless you try!

  • If you need to take the SAT or ACT one more time, sign up as soon as possible and PREPARE! College Advising and Planning offers one-on-one test preparation.

  • Explore your passions this summer.  Be productive! 

  • If the college planning process is causing undue stress, consider asking College Advising and Planning for help.  Our senior rush package is VERY reasonably priced.  
  • Talk to your parents about the financial considerations of college, but always look to God.  Don’t limit yourself. 

  • Practice time management.  Plan ahead.  You will need to be extremely organized in order to continue doing well in school AND complete the college application process.  If you need any assistance, contact College Advising and Planning Services.

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